Homeward Bound Breaking Ground in 2017 !

New Site Plan 11 17 2016

In 2005, we started a campaign called, “Homeward Bound” and purchased this 11.32 acre parcel on the corner of I-75 and Rattalee Lake Road in Springfield Township (approx. 4 miles from where we currently meet).   This is a beautiful piece of prime property with 1200 feet of road frontage and a view from I-75, and will make a spectacular site for our future church campus.   (See more pictures of our property by choosing the tab “Our Land” at the top of the screen)


We purchased the property for $250,000, and a group of pioneers who launched The Journey banded together and made financial commitments above our normal financial commitments to the operating budget of the church.  In 3 short years, we paid off our land debt completely!!   Our next steps will be to continue putting money aside to go toward site development work and building plans.  We’re inviting everyone to give a little extra toward Homeward Bound.  Please pray about what God might have you give toward our Homeward Bound project.   All gifts are tax deductable.  If you write a check, make it out to The Journey Church, and write “Homeward Bound” on the memo line.  You may also use our safe & easy Online Giving option by going to our website, www.ijourneyonline.com and choosing the Online Giving option.  Once you sign in, you’ll see options on giving to our operating budget or Homeward Bound. 

*Update:  December 1, 2013:  Pledges for our one-year campaign have come in totaling over $275,000!  We’ve assembled a new building team, and are beginning the planning process for a new building on our property.

*Update:  April 16, 2014:  Over $100,000 has come in so far toward our goal.  We’ve hired Creekwood Architects to design our new building, and will begin planning with the township in June.  Clearing on the property has begun.

Update:  November 2, 2014:  Over $140,000 has come in so far since last November.  Bringing our balance to over $163,000.   Homeward Bound 2.0 begins this month!  Go to our online listening room to hear messages on how we’re progressing!

Update:  May 10, 2015:  We received Site Plan approval from Springfield Township!  Now we move into Final Building Approval which may take several more months.  We are also beginning to contact banks and contractors for bids.  This summer we will host a work party or two to continue clearing the property.  Please continue giving to Homeward Bound!  Every dollar counts and gets us closer to breaking ground.

Update:  December 1, 2015:  We’ve had a great turnout for our property work day in October, and cleared all the area where the building, parking lots and driveway are located.  Plus, we cleaned up what’s visible at the road as well.  Consider giving a year-end financial gift to Homeward Bound to get us closer to breaking ground!

Update: April 17, 2016:  We’re beginning to speak to banks as well as finalizing all our construction documents for township approval (hopefully by June).  We plan to begin site excavation in July.  We also have 2 big workdays planned for May 21 & June 4 if you can make it. Please keep Homeward Bound in your prayers, and if led to do so as part of your financial giving. We’re getting closer!

Update:  February 2017:  We plan to get final approvals from the township in April, after which we will be setting our construction budget and gaining bank approval.  Plans are to break ground in early June!

For feedback of ideas or questions send an email to building@ijourneyonline.com