Our Pastor (Mike Harris)

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 Mike is our lead pastor and when he’s not working on sermons or explaining how to become a follower of Jesus to someone, you can usually catch him on Ski Patrol, reading a good fiction book, or fishing.  Mike’s Sunday messages (even the flat ones) inspire you. They’re full of practical advice to help you conquer the real world problems in your life and enjoy life as God intends you to. Mike has a master’s degree in theology from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and he really uses his training to bring the Bible to life every Sunday.

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One of Mike’s passions is starting new churches (referred to by many as “church planting”).  Mike has started 3 churches here in America, and is a church-planting coach for men and women who are called to start new churches.  In addition, The Journey Church has started 2 new churches in Africa.  One in Kapilakin, Kenya among the Pokot people of the Rift Valley.  The other in the capital city of Kigali, Rwanda.  These churches are transforming the lives of hundreds of people living in these areas.  Mike also founded the organization Jirani, which has raised funds to dig wells, build schools and orphanages in the Pokot region.


Mike and  his wife Beth are now empty nesters, after raising two amazing daughters who are both married and involved in ministry.


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